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Witchsister is an all female/family band from Fayetteville, Arkansas. Sisters Stevie (bass), Stephanie (vocals), and Skylar Petet (guitar) and their cousin Kelsey Petet (drums) have been together for five years. Witchsister's sound is a violent mixture of rock and roll, punk, metal, and a wee bit o' prog. 

Stephanie Petet, the eldest Witchsister, got fed up with trying to play music with men that only wanted to tell her how and what to play around 2011-12. It was Christmas break 2013 when she texted her sisters and cousin and said let's jam! The rest is history really except that they share holidays, graduations, and birthdays together like family does.  Witchsister's live performances are where the magic happens, they are transformed into shrieking banshees, possessed versions of themselves, forcing the crowd to participate in the sacrifice of "giving a shit". When you wake up the next morning after a Witchsister show you will have a bangover.