Witchsister, the all-female band from Fayetteville, Arkansas, is a violent mixture of rock ‘n’ roll, 
punk, metal, a wee bit o’ prog… and they share blood. Sick. 
Vocalist Stephanie Petet, the eldest Witchsister, was fed up with playing for men and being told 
how to rock. In true bad-ass-woman fashion, she broke out of the scene and brought together her 
musically inclined family to create the now raging force that is Witchsister. 
Stephanie, Stevie (bass), Skylar (guitar) and cousin Kelsey (drums) are grabbing the used-to-be 
man’s world of metal by the balls. During live performances, the girls transform into shrieking 
banshees, possessed versions of themselves, forcing the crowd to participate in the sacrifice of 
“giving a shit.” 
The morning after a Witchsister show will leave you with the most massive bangover you’ve 
ever had. 
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